Ile Diamant

Lars Alfredson
Wed 6 May 2020 13:44
POS 05:15.47S 71:45.98E 
The weather we are experiencing is nothing like the weather reports I get from Thomas.
Tuesday night the paradise turned nasty and we were hit by 40 knot winds from north.
This made us drag onto the reef and we had big problems sorting that out in the dark with heavy rain.
This morning it took us a couple of hours to untangle our anchor chain from corals.
After that we moved on to the next atoll, Peros Banhos about 15 NM west.
Off course we had 30 knots on the nose the whole way. That took us until 4pm.
We are now anchored outside Ile Diamant at 05:15.47S 71:45.98E
We have been rationing the gin and rum for weeks now, but today we went dry. All that remains are 2 bottles of wine and a few beers.

Lars w. Crew

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