Back on board

Lars Alfredson
Sun 24 Oct 2021 18:03
I returned to Dawnbreaker on the 23rd of October.
I had a very complicated and long trip from my home. It took me more than a week to reach Dawnbreaker.
My flight took me from Göteborg via Amsterdam to Trinidad. Where I had a 15 hour stopover.
On sunday morning I went to the airport for the last 40 min. flight to Grenada.
Unfortunately my travel authorisation for Grenada had not come through (it arrived 2 hours to late) which ment I wasn't allowed to board.
Next flight was on thursday. After 4 more nights in a hotel and a new PCR test I finally arrived in Grenada. Onlt to take another PCR test and check in to a quarantine hotek for another 2 days.
So finally I am back in paradise!

Hope to be in the water before the end of the month.


Skickat från min Galaxy

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