Laucala Island

Lars Alfredson
Tue 9 Jul 2013 03:50
Pos 16:46.144S 179:41.629W


20130707 Sunday


Up and away, around the top of Taveuni then south to the bottom of Nukubalauvu Island. Turning east we enter the channel between the reef and it. Continuing along the south coast of the island we then turn north, up into the passage between it and Laucala Island which is sealed off at the far end by a shallow reef a journey of some six miles through the reef passage.


Anchoring presents a problem as the water stay deep at over 20 metres until a few metres of the fringing coastal reef which then rises vertically to with a metre of the surface.


Luckily for us we come across a large mooring buoy and attaching to it set the prop in reverse to give a healthy tug to check its reliability. Its mooring chain goes taught sinking the buoy but the boat is pulled to a stop. It passes the test and we moor up.


P7070034    IMG_1308

                             The Bouy                                                                                                                   Mangroves


Snorkelling we check the buoy on the way and come to the steeply rising ref with about a metre of water over it at half tide that runs to the mangrove fringed shoreline. From there the land rises in series of steep cliffs, heavily wooded and with only few of the usual coconut palms poking through. Creepers in the canopy knit the whole lot into and impenetrable mass of jungle.


IMG_1310    IMG_1380

                             More mangroves                                                                                           Green cover


Apart from a few birds tweeting and the gentle slapping of wavelets against the hull all is quiet.


There is a lot dead reef but lots of heads and patches of healthy coral and with four to five metres visibility I manage get some good pictures of some interesting new subjects.


P7070029   P7070015

                     multi coloured coral polyps   


Dinner, bar-b-qued marinated steak again, (We had to defrost a 2.6 kilo package) with mashed potatoes and salad. This is cannibal country and no place for veggie wimps!


IMG_1371 Lars Fix   IMG_1372 Bob Fix

                      Relaxing after dinner.


After dinner we retreat behind battened down hatches as the downpours return at irregular intervals, trying to catch us out.


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