Lautoka, checking out

Lars Alfredson
Thu 29 Aug 2013 23:24
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Bob and Shan left us on Monday morning.
They will be dearly missed, as friends and master bloggers.
Monday night Diego and Tiphaine (Tif) arrived and we had dinner together.
Tuesday we started ealy with shopping in Nadi. We managed to be back onboard before noon and decided to try and get
out of the Marina straight away.
We filled water and fuel and headed out for Musket Cove. Managed to get there before dark. I showed everybody a bit of the Island Malolo Lailai.
Wednesday we moved on to a small sand island just east of Mana Island.
We did some nice snorkeling there.
In the afternoon we moved in to the lagoon at Mana Island and had time for another snorkel tour before Happy hour.
Thursday morning we had time for a long snorkel tour around the reefs. We saw some nice fishes. Eagle rays, Sting ray and a big Puffer fish.
In the afternoon we had to leave for Lautoka where Alice joined us in the evening.
I had downloaded “Alice, who the fuck is Alice” with wich we greeted her on full volume when she came aboard.
Friday I went to clear out and sent the rest with our remaining Fiji dollars into town to spend them. Mission completed we left for Vanuatu, stopping on the way for
a swim at a small sand island called Vatunaqualau Island.
Next stop, Port Vila, Vanuatu.
m_GOPR0127     m_GOPR0126
                     Sanna cleaning guest cabin.                                                                                 Lars repairing water maker.
m_GOPR0260    m_GOPR0261
                         Our shopping tour to Nadi.                                                                                    Diego and Tif.
m_IMG_0170     m_IMG_0181
                 Note the helicopter.
m_GOPR0272    m_IMG_0168
m_DSC_0037    m_DSC_0038
                             Alice and Tif.                                                                                                  and Jona.