Last day in Greenland

Lars Alfredson
Thu 20 Jul 2023 23:15
We left Aappilattoq in the morning for our last day in Greenland going through Prins Christian Sund.
After a few hours motoring against cold winds we took a sidetrack to visit Kangerdluk glacier. We could go all the way up to the impressive face of the Glacier.
We then stopped for lunch at an anchorage near the head.
After lunch we continued for 3 hours towards the end of Prins Christian Sund.
We tied up for the night at a small pier on the abandoned Ikerasassuq Weather Station.
60.04N 43.10W
Unfortunately our heater died on the last leg. We spent a couple of hours trying to get it going again, but no luck.
We will now face some cold nights on our 4 day sail to Reykjavik where we hope to find help.