Lars Alfredson
Tue 15 Mar 2016 03:27

pos 33:35.55N 130:18.71E
Odo Marina

Sunday morning, after studying the weather we decided to do the last 45 NM to Fukuoka.
There was supposed to be strong wind on the nose the day after. The weather has been really cold the last few days, day temperatures don't go over 10 C. We arrived late afternoon in a light rain. We retired to the saloon and turned the heater on.

Monday we signed in at the Marina and then took the underground in to Fukuoka center. I had to visit the Coast Gard and Customs. We walked out to the port and found the Coast Gard office building. Lots of papers to fill in as usual. It feels completely pointless when you have filled in the same forms many times before.

We found a nice place for lunch and I had a hamburger with chips. The first western food for weeks.

The afternoon we walked around the center and looked at markets and Shrines and more. Eventually we found a tourist information and collected what information they had in english.

Underground back to the marina and dinner on board.

All is well,
Lars, Karl and Anna.

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