Land Ahoy Kosrae

Lars Alfredson
Fri 17 Aug 2018 04:20
POS 5:19.792N 163:01.406E
We finally made it to Kosrae at dawnbreaking time.  At 6:05 we clearly see the mountain outlines with its highest peak at 2400ft or 650m.
What a change of landscape since Hawaii over 60 days ago.  Tropical forest dominates.  No more coconut trees draw the island outline.’
Plenty of citrus fruit wait for us.
It was a long and the worst leg this season, mainly due to lack of wind or proper wind.  Last 24 hours it improved and we were able to sail on a direct course alternating engine and sail power.
the 3by3 night watch shifts worked well and we had reasonable temperature and mostly clouded sky.
Down to the last 12 cans of beer.  Hawaiian Longboard lager.  now who knows what we find.