From the ¨blogroom¨

Lars Alfredson
Tue 3 May 2011 20:19
POS S32:55.092 W52:13.218

Email has reached our ¨blogroom¨missing ¨Bob the Blog¨writings. To you coach potato, we are sorry to say that the times of exotic islands, tropical drinks and natives in miniscule bikinis are behind with summer.
Down here at 32S it is all about work, as per most of the readers back home. Dodging the strorms and fronts in this roaring thirties South Pacific ocean rain and temperatures in the 10s, fullfill the boring routine of our days.
It is all about sailing/motoring, eating and sleeping in 3 hour shifts to make it to Uruguay and back home as speedy as possible ....

take care and enjoy your warm home .... hehehe


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