Six days in Bali, part 2

Lars Alfredson
Fri 26 Apr 2019 08:16

One day we decided to have a look at Denpasar and get some money as well. Off we walked to the taxi stop under a few trees. Lots of eager guys attacked us but most retreated after hearing Ivans offer, i.e. 50% of the asking price. Eventually one guy gave in and off we went.
We jumped off somewhere and walked to the beach, full of vendors offering everything between viagra and coconuts. The beach was long, at least 3-4 km and full of rubbish, plastic in all forms and assorted other stuff, so we soon gave up and headed for a Bintang. I spotted a place with a pool advertising Happy Hour so there we went.
When the time for the bill came the guy told us that two for the price of one was good only for a MaiTai with two unbrellas and a bamboo straw, or whatever.
Well that Ivan and I didn't like at all so we made a stink, me threatening with the police, but alas I saw none. Eventually the boss turned up and we got four for the price of two, so happy ending. After a nice meal in a local outdoor place we had a stroll in the covered bazaar, resisting the blue pills offered every ten meters and flagged a taxi.
The guy had probably flown in from Jakarta the same day because he got totally confused and drove us about an hour in the wrong direction until Urban got him to get his co-ordinates. This included driving the wrong direction on a motorway for a while.
Well, we got to the boat safe and sound,
The next day we fuelled and left Benoa for Sarangan, a few miles East. We anchored by a gray monster, claiming to be a service vessel for oil rigs. If that's true I"m Bobs uncle. We took the dinghy to a nearby resorts beach and had a short swim in plastic.
The following day Ivan, Pelle and I went shoping for the rest of the supplies. The Carrefour saw us short of about 7.500.000, but we got a lot of stuff, especially a lot of nice veggies.
In the meantime Lars and Urban excavated the fridge cooling system, so we were met by a black captain and a victorious Urban who showed us a black waterfilter that had been full of alien stuff. Now the cooling works, at least part time.
In the evening we took the dinghy to the jetty behind the gray monster and walked the semi finished fancy jetty all its about 500 meters to what we thought was the Royal Bali Yacht Club, but what turned out to be a closed hole in the wall.
Walking towards the resort (Ivans choice) we passed a load of interesting small local places (my choice, alas not accepted) and arrived just in time for Happy hour. As I had to see a man about a horse, I didn't hear the discussion that took place after the waiter informed Ivan that two for one didn't apply to beer and wine. I didn't mind, because the boys had left me with a seat with a wiev, Australian I would say. We had some grub and headed for the boat in pitch black having a bunch of dogs barking at us. We barked back, and I did some Finnish wolf howling as well, so all escaped Tontons fate in Majuro last year.
The next day we saw Urban and his monster bag off with a nice lunch and headed on towards Lanbongan.