Wonders of the ocean

Lars Alfredson
Tue 25 Jun 2013 03:25
Pos 17:11.544S 177:10.621E
Mocelulu passage

20130623 Sunday


It’s a bright sunny day as we depart for Naviti Island, the second set in the Yasawa group. As we pass on the eastern side of Wayasewa where we had previously anchored the water become crystal clear.


DSC05362 Navionics Fix

                                    Navigating by Navionics.


I spot something in the water which pops up and then disappears before I can get the binoculars onto it. Then realisation strikes, it’s a fin, it’s a dolphin. Next two large specimens are in our bow wave and having a jolly time. The water is so clear you can see their every move, though there doesn’t seem to be much as they effortlessly keep pace.


DSC_0252    IMG_0953

                    Visitors from the deep


They suddenly disappear, but within 5 minutes we have five new ones at our bow. What performers, suddenly one will break off, dive, and then shoot through the surface to pirouette on its tail before collapsing back into the water.


DSC_0241    DSC_0254

                    Putting on a show


One of the largest in the bow wave rolls onto its side and look me in the eye seeming to say ‘ello sailor, before giving a cheeky grin and rolling back to dive and do another pirouette. Having grabbed my camera I’m busy filming the whole fantastic sequence.



                               Hello sailor


Off they go and I run the film, but no, I can’t believe it the camera didn’t record. It’s not a total disaster Lars and I both took stills, but my visionary masterpiece is lost forever.


Twang, whirrrrr, the line on our rod has got a strike. The crew come to life and soon we’ve hauled in a beautiful sleek and silvery Bonito nearly a metre long. Tonton brings it aboard the sugar scoop then Lars is on it in a flash, a long evil looking knife in hand.


P6230033     P6230035



It’s soon reduced to two large filets of dark red meat and declared a two diner fish. Tonton is already drooling while thinking up the different way he can cook it as the sausages are demoted and fish will be on the menu tonight.


P6230036 Ton Fish Fix

                  Nice meat


We reach our destination around 4pm, mooring in the anchorage at Moelutu passage between the islands of Maukacevu and Mauva Balavu. Jumping in for a quick swim reveals a very strong current running here and visibility is not very good.


IMG_0962    DSC_0283

                               Our anchorage                                                                          Reef spotting


The islands to either side appear to be building sites with one large Resort under construction to our left and a small one to our right. Their respective beaches look like something from the D-day landings, piled high with concrete blocks, water tanks and piping etc.


IMG_0967   IMG_0968

                           New resort                                                                                                                     Still unspoilt


After watching the Sun go down its time to fire up the bar-b-q. The Bonito filet, one half of the fish, has been marinating since capture in a sauce of ginger, garlic, soy sauce and white wine with a touch a touch of lemon


As it sizzles on the barby the smell is exquisite but the taste is fantastic as it lands on our plates along with rice and a carrot salad. A little glass of Chardonnay completes perfection. You don’t get much fresher food than this.


DSC05351    P6230039 BBQ Fish Fix

                                  Bonito for dinner                                                                                  Tonton at work



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