Lars Alfredson
Sat 3 May 2014 08:25
Position 35:15.70S    174:07.56E

It's the 1st May and we are leaving our beautiful, quiet and peaceful spot to continue up the coast.
We are heading to the end of The Northland, which is what the Mauri's call it. The meeting of the two
Seas is special to the Mauri as they believe that it will take their spirit into the next world.

Our journey takes us to Russell which was at one time a Whalers Station.  The town was full of men
who were considered very rough and Russell was called" The Hell Hole of the Pacific". The Russell Holiday
Park is one of New Zealands top 10 Holiday Parks. The Park seems to be very busy and there are alot
who seem to live here all the year round.  Their caravans are parked in their spot and around it they build
very fancy small houses and gardens which are very well looked after and are lived in all the time.

                                "Old" house.                                                                                                     The town Jetty.    

We are on a corner of the park in number 13 Sunset Court. They have names for all the areas and pathways. 
The highest, of course, is called "The Penthouse Rise".  After getting settled we are greeted by Ducks and a
strange bird that I think, looks like a Kiwi.  I'll have to check on the Web and see if I can find out what type of bird it is.

                          Plot 13.                                                                                                                                 

                        Caroline likes flowers.   

Before we went to the Park, we had a look around Russell.  My scooter makes it so much easier to get
around and I see alot more. Russell has the two oldest buildings in New Zealand, from the 1830s,
a church and a printing works that produced religious information for the Mauri's.  By 1840,  Kororareka
as Russell was called then, was the largest settlement in the whole of New Zealand.  A Treaty was
signed between Governor William Hobson and the Mauri Chiefs, but after the signing Hobson fell out
with the both the Mauris and the local settlers and so he moved The Capital further South.

The older buildings look alot like New Orleans in USA and the newer ones blend in to make it a very
pretty town.  We make a stop at a Cafe called Susy's and have a lovely lunch.  After lunch it's just a
5 minute drive to the Park and settle in.  Lars takes off for his long walk while I have a rest or try to. 
As we are on the corner of not just 1 road but 3, it's busy with everyone getting in before night
desends on us.  Above us are small cabins and the 4 above us are suddenly full of screaming adults and
children. Scared me alot. I thought there was a fire or something the noise they were making but it was
only because Granny wanted the younger ones near her and Mum and Dad didn't agree.  After awhile
they settled down as the whole family found their rooms and Mum and Dad made the rounds.

                        Big ferns on my afternoon walk.


Caroline and Lars on road trip.