Day 4

Lars Alfredson
Wed 15 Aug 2018 23:19
POS 5:14.924N 164:09.584E
Still crawling our way to Kosrae.  Changed tactics and are chasing the squalls to get some wind.  For a few hours we sailed at 8kts well above our 4kts average. 
LAst squall Lars was fast asleep and I put all sails out to enjoy the ride, finally in the right direction.  Of course he fell off the bed with all the leaning nd rolling. hahahaha
Gradually we finding secret stash of cookies, chocolate, cheese and even hawaian beer.  Basic pasaage survival supplies.
we have 67nm to go and at least we don’t have the wind on our nose and are able to set course directly to the island.  We might though hacve to slow down to get there during daylight.  so is life!
We finally dipping into our fresh water tank as our last bucket was spilled during the last storm.  Pity, wish I had that hair wash sooner.
all is well, we running low on tonic and had to dip into the vodka supply.