Submarine Museum

Lars Alfredson
Thu 27 Oct 2011 22:05

27102011 Submarine Museum etc


The day starts grey, cold and windy. We’re up early with a view to moving of the marina onto a holding buoy in the main harbour ready

for departure but there is the little matter of the tide to get out.


Now one is able to give us any information regarding the depth of water over the bank just outside, and we know it was a tight squeeze when we came,

so we take the cautious approach as it’s a falling tide and stay put.


This turns out to be fortuitous as the latest Grib (Weather files) we down load over the satellite link show a High

(They spin the other way around this side lf the equator and look like a low in that respect) approaching with winds of up to 50kts and on the nose

heading our way in the next few hours and we won’t get decent winds both in direction and strength terms for another few days.


Since were up we decide to make the most of our extended shore leave Thomas is left decamped with computers in the Clubhouse,

Peter heads out exploring and Lars and I start out only to be rained upon. It soon clears and we decide to visit the Submarine Museum by the Naval Base next door.


Mar de Plata 030     Mar de Plata 035

                  End of the mole                                                              Going fishing


It was somewhat further than we thought and we ended of at the end of the Port hand mole opposite where had been a few days ago having had to

walk all the way around the navy base. On our way we discover the main Club house for the YC de Argentino which is all shut up and apparently used for the summer

Mar de Plata 014      Mar de Plata 016

                              YCA Club House summer residence                           Located on the beach


They are building a new cruise ship terminal at the end of the mole and a gigantic floating crane was busy being attached to a wreck to clear the new dock area.

At the diving school dock we came across a whale skull which was enormous. After a long walk back we went to do the Skype and Email thing only to be turfed out into the cold as they shut the club.


Mar de Plata 024        Mar de Plata 026

                 Lifting wrecks                                                         Enooormus whaleskull


Peter had been shopping and bought pork chops and a cauliflower and announced he would be cooking dinner, in the meantime it was G & T’s and open the wine to breath.


Peter did us proud with his mashed spuds, cauliflower au gratin, and grilled pork which, washed down with a glass or two of Argentina’s finest was consumed with great gusto.


Mar de Plata 037      Mar de Plata 038

                         Warm and cosy                                                                          Peters debut    


As the wind had got up and our recently replaced heater was doing its job no one was in a mood to stir and as we had all settled nicely a little brandy was produced to round off a very pleasant evening. As we fortified ourselves for the continuing saga of the “Parcel” it was relatively early to bed for a 7am start to catch the Post Office opening hours for international parcels which were 8 to 11am.


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