Hiva Oa

Lars Alfredson
Sun 13 Jan 2013 18:52
Pos 9:56.2S 139:06.7W
Vaitau, Tahuata
Sunday, January 13
From Ua Huka we had a nice 65NM sail to Hiva Oa. The wind was easterly and we could open up the sails a bit to make approx. 8 knots on the crossing.
We made for Atuona and Baie Tahauko. This is almost the only anchoridge on Hiva Oa, and that was a dissapointment.
The water was very dirty so there was no swimming.
The books all say that Hiva Oa is the nicest of the Marquesas Islands. That is not our experience. Bad anchoridges and no interesting sights.
We walked the 3 km to the town for shopping and to visit a restaurant.
One day we hiked through to “djungle” up a valley to look at the Petroglyphs of Tehueto. Nice hike but hot and sweaty.
m_Marquises 24 Dec - 20121
m_Marquises 24 Dec - 20122
After two days we sailed over to Tahuata, onle a short jump, and anchored in a nice bay with nice swimming.
More of Tahuata later.
Lars, Fred and Grete.