Wera Bay, Sumbawa Island

Lars Alfredson
Tue 16 Apr 2019 09:13
POS 08:17.50S 118:56.14E
Wera Bay.

When we left Komodo we decided to head for the next big island to the west, Sumbawa some 50NM away.
As usual no wind and motoring. To make things worse we encountered a strong current against us most of the way, we were down to 2 knots for a long time.

Getting to the NE corner of Sumbawa we noticed an island that was a big vulcano outside us. Look it's smoking! Getting closer and as darkness fell. Look it's having eruptions!!
This was the vulcano Sangean Api almost 2000 m high and one of the most active vulcanos in Indonesia. Awesome!

A little later we anchored in Wera Bay. A village famous for its wooden boat building. Traditional wooden ships are built with wooden pegs and almost no metal fasteners.
Tuesday morning we headed ashore and looked at all the boats being built on the beach. Very interesting.
We looked in vain for a decent shop but found non. The town was very dirty and full of goats.
We are now motoring west to new adventures.