Anambas to Tioman

Lars Alfredson
Thu 14 Nov 2019 09:04
Pos 02:49.34N 104:09.4
Tioman Island

Tuesday 12Nov. After a morning swim we moved on to Bawah island 20 NM away. We had red good things about this island. We went in to the beautiful lagoon and picked up a mooring bouy. Soon a boat came out to us and told us the rules. Cost for mooring 50 usd/foot and night. Can we anchor without using a bouy? No that is not allowed. It seemed the whole island was controlled by the resort there. We were also offered a packet with meals and use of the facilities ashore. Price 500 usd/ person and day.
We did not choose to stay. 
Back out to sea we set course for Tioman island 120 NM away. Motorsailing over the night we arrived Wednesday afternoon. 

Thursday 14/11 we moved over to pulau Tulai (02:54.27N 104:06.12E) for swimming and snorkeling. Back in the afternoon we found a decent restaurant that allowed us to drink beer with the meal. Friday it was raining most of the day and we took it easy.

Lars and crew

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