Wewak 3

Lars Alfredson
Sat 5 Dec 2015 01:51

On the morning of December 3, after a restless few hours we needed to go to the Police and make a report of the attack.
We had difficulties to go ashore as our Dinghy was cut up in many places.
Luckily we got help from the military that helped us with transport for the coming days.
The first person we meet was Peter, a german expat that runs a construction company in Wewak. He met up on the pier and offered his help. He had seen our flares last night and had called the Police.
Peter drove us to the Police station and helped us with filing a report. It was very difficult to get any respons from the Police. We only wanted to have a police report and get out of the town as soon as possible. The Pölice told us to come back later.
After that Peter took us to see Michael Tang. He is the biggest business man and employer in Wewak and has a lot of clout in the town. Michael phoned his connections in the Police and helped us in many ways in the coming days.
After another couple of visits to the Police station we were taken to the Hotel were we had dinner the first night.
There we met Philip who immediately offered his help. We were given free lunch and Jonathan and Charlotta were offered a hotel room for the night, which they gladly accepted.
On December 4th we continued our struggle to get a Police report. We all needed that for our insurance claims. All of the 4th we spent going to the Police to try and get the paper we needed. Michael called his contacts, but still no report. Jonathan and Charlotta spent another night on the hotel.
On Saturday the 5th we finally managed to get a report from the Police, after paying a handout to the right policeman.
After some quick shopping we left Wewak at 16.00 for an overnight sail to the Hermit Islands.
We were relieved to leave Wewak behind us.

Lars and crew.

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