Efate 6-11/9

Lars Alfredson
Fri 13 Sep 2013 04:59

Pos 17:36.28S 168:14.64E


Ai creek

Unfortunately the Mobile broadband stick I purchased in Port Vila does not work, so there will be no pictures for a while.

Friday the 6/9. Jonathan left us early in the morning.

He is a very intense young man and we all need a rest now from partying.

I spent most of the day in first the Digicel store trying to sort out my Broadband connection. To no luck i am afraid.

It seems that following an upgrade the system chrashed and they don't know when it will be up and running again.

The rest of the day i spent with Immigration sorting out a permission to enter Vanuatu on a one way ticket.

Once done a faxed it to Mark in Australia that will arrive on Tuesday the 10/9.

The girls cooked us a nice dinner and the evening was spent playing "Mexican Train". My new crew has taken to the game

and it gets quite intence at times.

Saturday 7/9.

We decided to look for some nice swimming and snorkeling so we took up the anchor and sailed to Ai Creek on the west

saide of Efate, near Port Havannah.

Here we were sheltered from the strong SE trade winds that has been blowing for a few days.

The sun came out and we spent the weekend snorkeling and walking the beaches, and more Mexican Train with wine

in the evenings.

Monday 8/9

I have had problems with charging the batteries the last days. I was running the generator for hours but the batteries

would not charge fully and the voltage dropped in a few hours.

We went back to Port Vila and tied up in the Marina so I could hook up to shore power and charge the batteries fully.

On Tuesday morning I had an electrician an we tested all the batteries to see if one was bad. We could not find anything wrong.

He gave me some tips on how to keep a check for faults.

At 17.00 Mark arrived and we met him for a few beers at the Waterfront restaurant.

Wedensday morning I took another trip to Immigration with Mark to fix his extended Visa.

After some last minute shopping and filling the water tanks, we took off to explore the rest of Vanuatu.

We sailed down to Ai Creek again, which is a good starting point for sailing North in the morning.

Lars and crew