01042011 Friday Ilha do Perigrino (Pilgrim) & Casagua

Lars Alfredson
Thu 31 Mar 2011 23:24

After the previous nights downpour we wake to a glorious day of clear skies and a burning tropic sun. After much discussion and after consulting

the tourist guide itâs decided to head for the sandy beaches and good snorkelling extolled on these islands.


We arrive and are as good as the book with white sandy beaches relatively clear water and good snorkelling potential around the rocks.

After a slow start we don our gear and away we go, lots of fish and turtles coral cover rock. After and hour we have circumnavigated the first island and cross over the beaches of the other.


lhas Cataguas 017     lhas Cataguas 044


We have already espied the bar tucked under a shady tree on the beach and order the first beer of the day. Its getting very hot and there isnât

much shade so itâs back into the water for a cool off before we start on the Caprihinas.


Then the tranquillity is obliterated with arrival of the tour boats, which run up onto the beach  disgorging their human cargo before backing away

to make way for the next one. The chatter is mainly Spanish and according to Thomas they are Argentineans. Then as suddenly as they appear theyâre all off and peace returns.


lhas Cataguas 041     lhas Cataguas 057


One again we the best and only customer for our Barman and we are rewarded with a free dish of bar-b-qâd fish, before we bid a fond farewell

and head back to Angra and  the Pirate marina which we are advised is the nearest to my Bus Station for the trip to Rio in the morning.


lhas Cataguas 056     lhas Cataguas 067


Unfortunately although we can see it we can only access it on foot from the furthest point  in the marina, a try by dingy ends up in grounding before we can get anywhere near the shore.


On our way back through the Marina shopping centre we talk to the Admin people and Thomasâs silver tongue and my knowing nods on queue

results in us getting freed berth alongside the Restaurant we said we wished to us!


lhas Cataguas 074

                                         Our free berth near the restaurant.


On our travel we also found a Launderette that would pick up and deliver our washing duly cleaned within 4 hours in the morning.


Now its time for me sign of as we prepare to hit the restaurant and the fleshpots of Angra and be in bed with my cocoa by 10 as Iâve and early start

in the morning beginning with a 3 hour bus trip to Rio and then the Airport.


Best regards to all our readers, hope you enjoyed our trip so far and Iâll join you in reading the continuing saga on my return.


Farewell for now

Bob the Blog