Vanua Levu and on to Vomo Island

Lars Alfredson
Mon 29 Jul 2013 07:26
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20130727 Saturday - Shan


We wake to glorious blue skies.  Over a fruity breakfast it’s decided that we visit the island again, this time on a rising tide!  Loading up the dinghy with snorkelling gear we set off for another adventure.


P7270337      P7270336

                           Walking the beach.


First of all we explore the cave and decided to walk through the narrow stretch of tropical forest.  Luckily I had the sense to put my walking sandals in the boat at the last minute because the forest floor was not only covered with dead leaves, sticks, twigs, coconuts and almond shells but a mass of hermit crabs.  They lift up their shells and scurry about leaving a delicate pattern in the sand.


P7270329   P7270333

                         Hermit Crab heaven                                                                     “ Jane” of the Jungle


The original plan was to swim back to the boat, towing the dinghy but Thomas, who had already been snorkelling, lost the strap off one of his fins.  This left Bob and I to swim back whilst Lars brought Thomas back to Dawnbreaker to carry out repairs. We all ended up snorkelling but the coral and fish were not so spectacular due to the depth of water.


P7270385   P7270361

                          One brain                                                                                            a bigger brain?                                                                                           


After a quick sandwich it’s up anchor and off to Vomo.  A pleasant journey that took about 2 hours.  We arrive at low water and nudge our way through the reefs.  Bob has found me a new snorkel, hmm.  Actually, third time lucky and I discover that I can snorkel after all.  Unfortunately the water around the reef was a little murky but at least my confidence has been revived.


Thomas and Lars spend the late afternoon cleaning the hull using diving gear and scrapers.  Bob tried out the diving gear and took a little while to familiarise himself with the most modern BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) one minute sinking like a stone the next minute shooting to the surface.


IMG_2099    IMG_2107

                             Don’t panic                                                                                          Lovely!   


P7270392    P7270388

                     Cleaning duties                                                                   Making a mess.



It’s now Happy Hour and the family of a French boat which arrived later this afternoon are about to join us, so, night, night.


IMG_2120    IMG_2121

                        S/Y Extrapôles                                                                             Our guests Jaques, Marie and Sophie


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