Pelican Harbour

Lars Alfredson
Sat 13 Aug 2016 22:59
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Pelican harbour
We arrived at 06:00 to this "first class" American town with a population of 100. Nested between the fjords and snowy mountain top, whose melting snow storms down through gorgeous waterfalls, this city is self managed. Water and Hydro power plants, its own school, a mayor and city counsel, makes it a picturesque place to visit. 
A US$160 seaplane flight from Juneau, the capital city of Alaska. 
After some deserved sleep and lunch at the Inlet In and Cafe.  Karen born in Unalaska, owns the place and is a descendant of Norwegians. 
Pelican is a fish Harbour with a salmon processing plant and an ice making factory that supplies the region. 
A town built on stilts has the boardwalk as the main street. It is 14:00hs raining and cold and deserted boardwalk. The occasional person tending his green garden, young girls on their bikes, wandering tourists waiting for their seaplane out of here and one or two ATVs gives the town living signs. My first impression is that people here are either shy or not so friendly as in other places we have been.  They are very reserved and open up quickly when approached. 
A so-so shower for 25 cents for 15 seconds, was welcomed after almost 4 days at sea. This is our last long passage for the season. Night watches are on hold. 
Pelican also houses the infamous Rose's Bar.   Founded by Rose a 87 years lady, has built it's reputation on what we intend to discover tonite.  Rose is writing her memories and has declared that no names will be spared.  Some people might be losing nights of sleep until it is published. 
Off for a walk under the mist and drizzle. 
Back to the free internet at the library to post the blog and pictures. 


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