Moyo Island

Lars Alfredson
Thu 18 Apr 2019 01:17
POS 08:13.20S 117:28.85E
Labuan Haji, Moyo Island

After a night of mptoring we anchored in a bay in the dark. Got a couple of hours sleep before moving the boat up to the village of Labuan Haji.
Expedition time!
When landing the dinghy at the small jetty we noticed a big group of people under a shelter. A market we thought, but no. Wedensday was election day for a new president. Everybody went away with ink on their little finger.

We took the trail to the Mata Jitu Waterfalls. A very long walk in the heat up into the hills. Somewhere between 7 to 8 kilometers. After more than an hour, drenched in sweat, we arrived at the lovely waterfalls. Immediately we jumped in the coolong water. It was a beautiful place with several nice pools to swim in.
After the long walk back a swim and a cold Bintang was most appreciated.

Left for another night hop in late afternoon.