Another day in Naze

Lars Alfredson
Thu 3 Mar 2016 15:52

When we woke up on Tuesday morning the 1st of March the wind was still howling and the waves were breaking over the harbour walls. Back to bed for an hour or two.
Decision time, we choose to stay until it calms down. After a late breakfast we search out a Laundromat and do our washing. It is as usual pure guesswork to get the machines started. Forget about choosing temperature etc.
We managed to find pizzas in the supermarket that we cooked for lunch, a break from all the fishy stuff.
In the afternoon Karl and I worked on taking the broken main sheet attachment ring off. Four bolts that did not want to come out. Solution my biggest pipe wrench. Result, 3 broken bolts and one came out, not good. Especially when we found out there were two more bolts that we had missed. After a meticilous inspection of the inside of the pilot house, the conclusion is that I have to cut out parts of the woodwork in the pilothouse to be able to get the broken attachment off, then manufacture a new one and mount it in the same place. Hopefully I can mask the repair with some nice pieces of wood later.

We had a nice dinner in a local restaurant.
Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow.

All is well,
Lars and crew.

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