Angra-Ilha Grande 19032011 Saturday

Lars Alfredson
Sat 19 Mar 2011 21:35

Saco de Ubatuba

Pos 23:07.87S 44:17.69W


Up at 7am for an early morning swim before crossing over to Angra to meet up with the mechanics.

Unfortunately we are thwarted at during the night the incoming tide has filled the bay with all kinds

of rubbish... goodbye blue lagoon hello plastic bags and debris.


On arrival at the Marina, Mechanics arrive and are given bags full of engine bits before they set to

taking the rest of the engine apart as well as pumping out the old mix of seawater and oil and cleaning up the whole mess.


Lars takes advantage of shore power to fire up the washing machine. Fire up is the appropriate

description as there is a strong smell of burning as the motor goes up in puff of smoke. The machine

is 110volts and despite the labelling on the Power Pillar, its delivering 220v..



                                            Burnt out CPU                                                            Bottom cleaning turtle                                       


So now have an Electrician carrying out a post mortem on the washing machine. Death will be

somewhat terminal as the machine can only be removed by cutting it up which also negates

the possibility of its replacement as the engine room doorway is to narrow.


Lunch at the restaurant where Thomas manages to acquire a few more limes (but not enough to

match the Caipirhina consumption) more beer and tonics from the Marina shop at vast expense and were away.


We arrive at Ubatubinha back on  Ilha Grande a nicely sheltered bay with a long sandy beach and

a restaurant. Judging by the number of boats anchored here, a popular site for the weekend sailors.


Overboard for a swim, the water temperature is perfect except for Thomas insists it wet suit time.

A session of bottom scrapping for all until I loose my scrapper to the depths.Thomas comes up

complaining of being bitten all over and we see he’s covered in nasty looking little parasites,

presumably living in the muck we have been scrapping of the bottom. Fortunately a good hosing

down and plenty of Shampoo seems to solve the problem, but it doesn’t stop the rest of us itching in sympathy!


“Grey Pearl” appears and they come over to join for drinks and to see if we are going to the restaurant.

In the end we decide to join forces with the food and cook aboard “Dawnbreaker”. Yves brings over

a leg of ham and his last bottle of best vintage wine whilst Thomas and Karine rustling up a wonderful curry.



                                     The Curry                                                                          Supervising


She also brought over a Brioche and some rolls she had made for us which were much appreciated.



                                         The ham                                                                        The wine



                                   Yves, Bob and Thomas                                                      Lars, Karine and Enzo  


The finally they depart in the middle of a tremendous rain storm whose intensity continues through

the night making for a hot and sticky night with all hatches battened down.


Bob the Blog.