End of season

Lars Alfredson
Tue 4 Jun 2019 13:14
Since my last entry it has been mostly work on the boat.
Interrupted by a birthday dinner for me the 27th which we ate at the very nice hotel that Pelle moved in to. He must have had enough of the heat and humidity and wanted to acclimatize to the cold in Denmark.
Thursday-Saturday saw all my crew leaving for home.
I spent most of the next four days tackling the non working main sail winch. Ended up cutting up the deck mounting (15mm aluminium). I also had to cut a hole in the roof underneath. A lot of work will be needed to build that up again.
I now have over 25 kgs of boat bits in my suitcase to work on over the summer. All the way from the Anchor winch up front to the Watermaker in the stern. From the wind instrument in the top of the mast to the sea water pump to the genset deep in the engine room.

Sitting with a cold beer in a bar at Changi Airport, Singapore I can summarize the season.
We have sailed thousands of miles all the way from Phonpei in FSM to Miri in Sarawak, Borneo.
We have visited many different cultures and many amazing people.
We have snorkled in some of the best coral waters in the world. We have met Komodo dragons and Orangutans in the jungle in Borneo. And lots more in between.

Thank you Ivan, Urban, Natalia, Pelle och Kenneth for a memorable season.


P. S. Next season starts in a few months.