Easter Island

                                                        At anchor in Hanga Roa
We arrived at Easter Island about midnight on the 10-11th.
                               The mystical Easter Island appeares at sunset.
We choose to anchor in Anakena bay on the North side of the Island on the first night. We motored into the bay in the darkness
and when the water depth came to 10 meters and the swell was very loud we dropped the anchor.
The anchorage was very rolly all night long and we did not get much sleep.
This was our first veiw when it got light in the morning.
                                   An unlucky sailboat washed up on the rocks.
                                  Anakena beach. The main beach of the Island.
When it was light  we sailed around to Hanga Roa and anchored outside the village.
After all the paperwork was done we were free to explore the Island.
                          We found another wrecked sailboat. Booth was washed up on land this year.
Steve took off for a couple of days of time out. Me and Mike hiked up on Rano Kau vulcano to the ceremonial village
O’Rongo situated on the edge of a cliff with crater lake on one side and two small bird islands on the other.
Each year the men used to compete to swim out to these islands and collect the first egg from a rare bird that hatched there.
The winner got choosen “Bird Man” for a year.
                                             O’Rongo ceremonial village.
                                          The bird islands.
                                                 The crater lake.
Next day we went horsback riding to the top of the highest vulcano in the island “Maunga Tere vaka”
As it was only the second time on a horse for me it was a sore day.
One day we hired a taxi to take us round the Island to look at all the sights.
First we went to “Tongarika” a place with lots of Moi.
We continued to Rano Rarako wich is the sight were all the Moi’s vere cut ut of the mountain and transported to
different holy places around the island.
                                               Never finished Moi.
On wedensday our newest crew members arrived. Grete and Fred.
                                    Fred and Grete going sightseeing.
In the evening Cabral and Hernan left us to fly back to Brazil. Two great guy’s that will be missed.
We are now busy stocking up for our next leg to Pitcairn. approx 1000 NM to the west.