Pef Island

Lars Alfredson
Sun 17 Mar 2019 11:44
POS 00:26.53S 130:26.64E

Saturday March 16, Hidden Bay, Pef Island.

We woke up to a completely calm morning, water like a mirror. Urban who is banned from snorkeling until his wounds heal, took advantage of this and took the dinghy to the reef. There he could watch and film the life under water without getting wet.

We moved on to Yanggelo Island for some great snorkeling.
Later we moved on to Pef Island where we anchored inside a reef on the windy side, to keep us cool. We decided later in the afternoon to go round move around to Hidden Bay on the other side.
This was easier said then done. As we took in the anchor it got stuck under a bit of coral and subsequently the anchor winch broke. Big problem, how do we get the remaining 30 meters of chain and anchor in. We solved the problem with a long rope all the way back to the genoa winch.
Moving round to hidden bay we took a mooring bouy belonging to the resort.

We now proceeded to lower both anchors and chains to the bottom and swapping them around to have the long chain on the working anchor winch.
Job finished and after a swim to cool down we visited the resort "Raja4divers" A nice place where we downed a few Bintang's.