Clearing out

Lars Alfredson
Mon 16 Nov 2015 19:01
pos 8:06.8S 157:06.02E
Kolombaranga Island, Vovohe Cove
Monday night the 16/11
Sunday morning we woke up to glorious sunshine and no wind. After breakfast we enjoyed a great snorkel in crystal clear water.
We then motored to Noro for clearing out, filling fuel and water.
We got there in the early afternoon and decided to explore the Diamond narrows that seperate New Georgia Island from Arundel Island.
A stop for lunch and swimming saw us back to Noro for Happy Hour and a nice dinner.
Kenneth has turned out to be a great cook and he takes care of us really well.
Monday morning we move up to the dock for fuel and water. I also had to visit immigration and Customs to clear out of the Solomons.
This excercise took us most of the day. It took hours to chase down the Customs man.
As the fuel man does not take a credit card i had to go chasing cash to pay for the fuel. It turned out that the Bank had crashed their computersystem on Thursday afternoon, so ther was no money to get anywhere in Noro. Getting back to the boat a big motor yacht got before us and took hours to fill 10000 liters of diesel. I managed to negotiate a deal to pay for the fuel with US dollars so after 6 hours we could leave Noro.
We motored 2 hours to Kolombaranga Island, Which is a big Vulcano. After a swim and sundowners Kenneth cooked us a nice dinner again.
All is well,
Lars and crew.