Fanning Island

Lars Alfredson
Fri 15 Jun 2018 19:48

Safely moored on a buoy in-front of the village of Napia. Population between 2 to 3 ‘000, lives mainly from subsidized copra production (dried coconut meat used for cosmetics and soap).
A nice snorkel in 29° waters at a wreck and some drifting snorkeling in the english channel.
Afternoon stroll to the bvillage yielded an unique experience to how you can lead a simple life and still be happy. No electricity, water supply or waste management doesn’t seem to impact the life that much. Less is also good. But one item caught our eye. All youngsters have either a cell phone or a tablet, even there is no cell service available.
Soon we found out the recently internet service was made available in the government building for AUD$5 for 4 hours.
During our walk we run in the only guest house, owned by Bruno a frenchman eradicated here for 30 days.
We plan to stay here 3 days and then sail to Kanton on the Phoenix Islands, another 800nm offshore sail, before we head west to Marshall islands.


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