On the move

Lars Alfredson
Sun 1 Jun 2014 10:38
Pos 35:37.04S 174:32.14E
Tutukaka Harbour.

After a few hectic days trying to get Dawnbreaker seaworthy again after 2 months on the hard, we leave Whangarei at 8 am on the 1/6.
We are heading back up to Opua, where Dawnbreaker will have a new generator fit.

       Heading down the river for the last time?

                                  Rounding Whangarei Heads.

On the way down the river I worked with putting the sails up while Caroline took the helm.
After some mishaps we got the sails up. (The Port side electric winches did not work. It took me a while to figure out that I had disconnected the electric cables
when we removed the generator.) When all that was sorted the wind died and we had to motorsail to Tutukaka Harbour a bit up the coast.

Arriving approx. 3pm we anchored and Caroline cooked a nice Toad in the hole with lamb shops for dinner.

Lars and Caroline.