Caleta Hidden (English)

Lars Alfredson
Sat 17 Mar 2012 21:37

March 17, 2012, Caleta Hidden, Strait of Magellan.

Yes, summer is over - if there was anything like that in Patagonia. We woke up with snow on deck this morning.

After a long Swedish political discussion last night, someone woke up with a huge hangover today, as the rest of us had to face the typical Patagonia headwind, as we tried to continue to move westwards.

With 30 knots of head wind, topped by 40 knots gusts, the unbearable situation made us change our plan and cross the Magellan Strait back to the "Hidden Cove", to seek for shelter. On top off heavy sea, wet snow fell on our Musto suits already wet from a rainy start. Motoring just at 0.8knts against the wind and waves, we had to bear off, unfurl the Stormy jib and sail south at 6knts of speed.

Anchored at 13:00hs, an Anchordram was celebrated with Conny's new batch of schnapps - the deadly potion, which has killed many over the last days.

So not being able to keep our daily 40nm, we are having an early dinner today - Shepard's Pie , Mexican style - to be followed by Mexican train, with new players unaware of the rules .. Hahahahaha . this will be paradise for America's Cup lawyers.

About my yesterday's comments on this crew out-beating the Antarctica crew .. please do not get upset, as blog policy does not permit me to go into details, our great crew for Antarctica might understand the parameters behind this statement . hahahahaha ...

Pim, our super hero, went for a swim on 9.8C seawater after an expedition on land to the highest mountain at this hidden cove. Nothing like, growing up in Sweden. In the meantime Conny and myself had a siesta break, while the man in blue-overalls (formally known as the Elga team, but our policy prevents us for free brand advertising) - replaced the propeller shaft bolts.

By the way, there was not much left as conversation topics about Antarctica, as the new crew was totally briefed by Urban and Thomas in Sweden, prior to their departure. Including a small piece of gossip pertaining "Skip Olaf's" blanked stuffed quilt .. no wonder Lars was so strict in the heating allowance during the freezing Antarctica weeks ... a fact we were not aware off. We knew about Urban using the 1500W electric heater in the bow cabin, but this was a surprise to us, as it must be to you Bob - no heating at all, at his quarters - and Thomas. Peter excluded as he had the tendency to run the oven for the night to heat his sofa chambers in the living room.