Hot water and Gold

Lars Alfredson
Sun 18 May 2014 09:37
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Hot Water Beach.

Thursday and Friday

We're off to check-out a beach that's suppose to have Hot water pools in
the sand.  We are to dig holes in the sand at low tide.  Today low tide will be
about 13.30pm.

The beach was packed just where the Thermal water is suppose to come up.
Everyone had spades they had rented, you could see that they were mostly
rented because of their colour.  There wasn't much room left so we didn't
bother with the beach. 

                          Crowds waiting for low tide                                                                                      Dig quick, make a hole so we can lie in it.

Lars went for a walk after we left the beach.  We saw a place to stay not
far from the Hot water beach and it had Thermal pools that we could
get into without lots of people.  While on his walk, Lars came back via
the beach and tried the water that had been left as most of the people
had long gone.  He said it was very hot and he wouldn't be able to put
his whole foot in.  He took some really lovely photo's of the area.

                     The beach the other side of Hot Water Beach.                                                                            An inlet going into the river.

          The evening finished with this amazing picture of the moon.

We're not far from Waihi where there is a mine in the middle of the town.
Two men started digging here in 1872.  They knew there was Gold in the rock
but it needed to be dug out.  The Mine is still going and still producing Gold and
Silver.  The Town has grown around the mine and if you're in town you wouldn't
know there was a huge hole just down the road.

 All that is left of the old pump house which took water out of the mine                                      The mine. We couldn't see the bottom.

We took a tour which actually took us part way into the mine.  The equipment
for the mine worked only 5 1/2 days and work stops at 19.00pm, that was only
in the open mine in town but there is another mine which is closed mostly and
that runs 24/7.

                      The piles of rocks have gold in                                                                        The dumper trucks that take 90 tons of rock to the chrusher.

               One of the lakes that has formed from the mine                                                             The new mine only shows the entrance.

When the new mine does not produce any more,  all that will be seen is
a door that once was a working mine, nothing else.  The one in town will
be turned into a lake and park area for people and birds to swim in.

We left our guide Catherine and looked for a nice quiet Camping Ground.
We found one that was near a river and while I rested, Lars was again out
walking around the area.  He found an area that looked as if there had been
a flood.  Everything had been flattened and branches and tree trunks had
gathered around the trees still standing.

                             The river near our Camper van                                                                                        The leftovers from a flood

                     Me taking my first swim in a Thermal Pool                                                          Our Camper Van parked under the trees of winter.

I liked this Camp ground because of the water and the natural area.
The trees had been left alone and not cut down as in some Parks.

That's it for this moment.

Love Caroline and Lars x