Rio 06032011 Sunday

Lars Alfredson
Mon 7 Mar 2011 21:53
Dear Blog fans, due to technial difficulties our Blog is a few days late, but here it is!
Sunday 6th March After an interesting but arduous journey, which started with battling UK train acancellations
due to a broken down freight train disrupting the whole of Arriva Trains Wales network, I finally a Riode Janerio.

Here I picked a cabby who not only couldn't find the Marina but spoke no English. Despite this minor setback
I pulled out my map and proceeded to navigate in fluent pointing.

Unfortunately when we approached the Marina we were unable to get to it as all the surrounding roads had been
blocked off  for Carnival celebrations. Having reached the limit of my navigational skills and with a weak finger
from all that pointing, the Cabbie decided to abandon the car and walk over the numerous multi lane highways
devoid of traffic and through the enormity of "Flamingo park" to deliver me to Marina da Gloria
                                                    Some very odd trees   .

There was no sign of life at 0830 when I arrived at Dawnbreaker on the pontoon and only a worrying grunt
and when I rang Lars. He appeared, looking a little the worse for wear to tell me that they had only got in at 5am,
having been to one of the Samba parades.

So having put my bags on board  I went off  to the Marina café for a couple of beers, continue the Telegraph
crossword and to try to hook into the dockside Wi-Fi while they recovered.

By 1300 all had emerged in various states of disrepair and with suitable pleasantries exchanged and  Blog keeping
responsibilities handed over we headed out in search of lunch before the walking wounded departed for the airport
and detoxification back home.
                                                     Departing crew                                                    Bob settling in nicely

1430  The Taxi arrived early and  Urban, Lena, Thomas and daughter Sanna plus baggage went
for the Guiness book of Records as they were shoe horned into a rather small car. The Party boats offering patrons
a choice of music moored next to us finally moved off leaving a strange quiet quayside of which we took immediate
advantage and retired to bunks for a much needed Siesta
That evening, exploring the wonders of the Metro system looking for a suitable eating area, Lars and I ended up
meeting with half of Rio's partying population, on Ipanima Beach.

We had evidently missed daytime activities judging by the mountains of beer cans, streets awash with melting ice
and the rather worn state of the assembled masses. Finally found a very posh Italian restaurant (having given
the "King George" a miss due to music volumes and body count) and had an excellent pizza etc at vast expence.

We return to find the foreshore had been turned into Disco with the music? at such a volume you could cook your
dinner on the power being emminated. Thank the Lord for alchohol which enabled one to pass out eventually
despite the whole yacht vibrating until 5am when the silence returned.
                                                    Party boats
Welcome to all our readers,
Bob the Blog.