Waisai, end of the line for some.

Lars Alfredson
Thu 21 Mar 2019 09:09
POS 00:26.39S 130:48.04E

Monday 18/3 to Thursday 21/3

On Monday afternoon after snorkeling and a nice lunch we moved over to Waisai where the ferry to Sorong leaves. We anchored among lots of liveaboard dive boats. We took a taxi in to the village for dinner. The driver took us to one of the "better" places which turned out to be more like a hole in the wall. Grilled whole fish or grilled chicken was the options.

Tuesday was shopping day. A decent veggie market and a tiny mini market was all there was. It was blistering hot in town and we were soon back on board. We even managed with the help of our driver to find a hidden away place where we could buy beer for 1.100.000 Rupies for a crate.
Jonas left on the ferry for Sorong and the airport at 13.30 and we upped the anchor and moved to a nearby small island called Saonek Besar. There we could have nice swimming and visit the village.

Wedensday we spent the day with snorkeling and rest before we went back to Waisai late afternoon.

Thursday morning it was Natalias turn to take the ferry ti Sorong.
Me Ivan and Urban then left for our next destination Ambon som 300+ NM away.

We thank Jonas and Natalia for 5 great weeks together.