Pics from Papua New Guinea

Lars Alfredson
Sun 17 May 2015 07:48
I have not been able to upload any pictures for a while.
Here is some pics from PNG mostly from the Lousiades:

                Local fishermen                                                                                                         Their village

                                          Pig                                                                                                        Sailing Canoe

                     Kids                                                                                           Proud grandfather with albino grandson.

                   Lobster (Crayfish)                                                                                   Sailing home at sunset.

                              Delivery                                                                                    of more crayfish.

                         Five beauties?

             Building a new sailing canoe.

                Lobster dinner.                                                                                   Nightly visitor (Bat)

                       On the top of the Island.                                                                          and down again.

                      Village from the top.                                                                         Building a canoe.

There is more coming.