Wayasewa Island

Lars Alfredson
Sat 3 Aug 2013 08:53

Pos 17:19.37S 177:07.95E


20130801 Thursday


Today we’re off to a bay formed by a barrier reef between Waya and Wayasewa islands. The sea is moderate with the wind just enough off the nose to set the Nr 2 Genoa and motorsail. This lets us drop the revs, but giving us an extra 2 knots we can maintain our speed and sail closer to the wind.


It’s a good site with some steep walls and heads with the main reef having shelving canyons penetrating its wall providing gentle sloping sandy inclines that are full of fish. Some now familiar species are spotted, such as the Pennant Banner fish (Heniochus chrysostomus). I promise that the last of the Latin!!


P8010489    P8010499

                                 Heniochus chrysostomus.                                                                              Coral impressive?



We arrive in time for lunch and anchor of the village at the top of the bay where the two islands are joined by a barrier reef. A beer, a sandwich, and after a little reading break were ready to inspect the reef.


Lars and I have been here before and have some idea of what to expect. As its high tide nearly, it’s the perfect time for exploration as the there is enough water to swim over the top of the reef.


Heading out in the dinghy we arrive on site, Lars and I jump in but Shan declines and decides to stay aboard the dinghy which is being towed by Lars looking like some Nile Princess on tour!



                          Queen of the Nile?


Her regal state attracts the attention of one of the natives who rows out and invites her over for a Kava session but he’s sent off with a “Maybe”


Later in the afternoon and old man in a very peculiar canoe hails us with a passing “Bula”. The boat is made of corrugated iron in a wooden frame and looks surprisingly seaworthy.



                       Modern boat building.


During happy hour a plastic canoe arrives with the same young blade, sporting a hibiscus flower behind one ear and blond highlights in his hair, who had been talking to Shan earlier. This time he’s after painkillers for his sister who has toothache. Suitably supplied he’s away, when I notice the stern of his craft slowly sinking beneath the waves.


Valiant sons of the sea are we so leaping into the dinghy we shoot off to the rescue. It was enough to bring a tear to the eye of many a hardened lifeboat man, as we pulled him aboard, still holding the pills we had given him wrapped in foil, between his teeth.


Running him and his craft ashore we received another invitation to be feted the following day.


IMG_2280   IMG_2276

                            On the beach.                                                                                              At sunset.  


Bar-b-qued Chorizos and a continuation of “Mexican Train” provide more than enough excitement for the rest of the evening  


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