Saunders Island and the Neck

Sealer Cove 031     Sealer Cove 018
                      Saunders Island Settelment                                                 Left over aviation fuel   
Sealer Cove 021     Sealer Cove 022
                  Sue , Biffo (Olwen) and Bob                                     Luise and David back from firefighting
      Sealer Cove 064     m_DSC_0030 (2)
                              Port Egmont 1765                                                        First British settlement
Sealer Cove 037     The Neck 023
                            High and dry                                                                     Arrival at the Neck
The Neck 029     The Neck 031
                   King Penguins                                                          Moulting chick         
The Neck 086        The Neck 032
                           Gentoo with chick                                                                    Whalebones
The Neck 157       The Neck 163
                    Rock Cormorant building nest                                                 Albatross nesting     
The Neck 185      The Neck 213
                         Peter and Rockhopper friend                                        Cruiseship arriving time to leave