Town tour

Lars Alfredson
Thu 17 Nov 2011 21:56
16112011 Puerto Deseado Town Tour

At 0700 we're awakened by the sound of voices from our seaward side. Investigation reveals a Norwegian Yacht who we help tie up alongside us. It's a "Swan" 46 and is also heading to Ushuaia.

After breakfast I set to catching up adding pictures and writing the previous day's Blog, Thomas is editing his river video and Lars is catching up on his emails. Peter has set out on a shopping expedition pulling the "Granny" trolley behind him.

It takes until 1330 for Blog to be finalised and we also head for town in search of Wi-Fi contact which we find in a local hotel bar. Job done and we take a wander around town via the cash point before returning to the yacht.

Going via the shoreline we bump into Marco all kitted up and ready to take his Kayak out. He has Kayak all around Argentina including an expedition on the treacherous waters of the Straits of Magellan

Fortunately the tide is just at the right height to make re-boarding nearly trauma free ad the lure of happy hour spurs us on. Our Norwegian neighbours join us, coming aboard clutching their Gammeldanske.

Thomas prepares a Swedish dish called Jonsson's Temptation, layers of thinly sliced potatoes, onions and anchovies. Very tasty and we also discover that the wine in the cardboard carton that even the supermarket staff advised us not to buy, is drinkable!!

We discuss leaving on the tide tomorrow and visiting Penguin Island with its Rockhopper penguins on the start of our voyage to the Falklands as Lars reads the guide book and pilot dispensing knowledge to a captive audience.

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