Ginowan Marina

Lars Alfredson
Sun 28 Feb 2016 14:37

pos 26:16.61N 127:43.75E
Ginowan Marina

Thursday 25/2
In the morning we tried to get some more information about where the chances were best to see the Humpback Whales. We did not learn much, instead we headed out to sea and decided to head south and complete the circle around the island group.
After about 30 minutes we suddenly see whales blowing ahead of us. They were quite a long way away so I put full speed on the engine. We saw lots of humpbacks jumping with enourmous splashes ahead of us! When we got close they vanished, we hung around for more than 1 hour to try and see them closer. We were eventually rewarded with a few whales surfacing and blowing but no more jumps.
After a nice morning with whales we set course for Ginowan Marina, six miles north of Naha. It was still windy and big waves and was a bit of a struggle against the wind but we got there around 17.00 hours. Ginowan turned out to be a big marina and after directions we soon found a nice mooring along a pontoon. The Marina office was just closing for the day but we managed to get a nice shower.
The evening walk led us to a big mall where we did some shopping in the supermarket.

Friday 26/2
In the morning we filled water and I took a taxi with my empty propane bottle to try and get it filled. After visiting two different filling stations with no luck I gave up and returned to the marina. Both stations said that they could not fill a foreign bottle. I hope the propane lasts us until we can get our empty bottle filled.
The weather said that we were going to have lighter winds for the coming day, so we decided to leave for Amami-O Shima about 150 NM north of us.

All is well,
Lars and crew.

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