Urquharts Bay

Lars Alfredson
Sun 1 Dec 2013 02:02
Pos 35:50.66S 174:32.02E
Urquharts Bay.
Wedensday the 27/11 we continued our trip to Whangarei.
I borrowed some crew from the other boats as it was only me and Sanna left on board.
        My all female crew, Olivia, Alice and Sanna
We had a nice sail south in spite of a bit of rain. Alice made beautifully decorated hot sandwiches for lunch.
When you go up the river to Whangarei you can only get up at 2hours either side of high tide.
Therefor we anchored in Urquharts bay at the head of the river.
We had a nice dinner and a pleasant evening in Dawnbreaker as it was a bit wet outside.
   m_DSC_0717    m_DSC_0718