Casilda Cove

Lars Alfredson
Thu 18 Dec 2014 04:43

POS 43:21.39S 146:04.33E


Gale force weather


Uhhhh.  Time to run.  Gale force westerly winds are in sight.  We must seek shelter.  As we prepare to haul out the anchor, rainsqualls drop on us, accompanied by deafening thunders.  We make it to Horseshoe Inlet and seek refuge at Casilda Cove.  The best shelter for Gale-force W.  We set anchor and two stern lines to shore and settle in for the day.  Even under 35knts of winds out in the ocean and about 20knts winds in the channel is calm here.  So calm and protected by the tree line, we even adventure on a barbecued Mexican burgers lunch.  After lunch, the boys went hiking and for an accidental swim.