Cooks town, Kalelakekua Bay

Lars Alfredson
Fri 8 Jun 2018 04:39
POS 19:28.409N 155:55.309W

We received a pleasant visit from Ma & Tom Patapoff. She is Norvegian and he American.  They retired here after living in San Francisco.  Suddenly we her voices in our stern and this couple came swimming from shore with a bottle of Prosseco.  Always a treat right?  So we extended our Happy Hour and were delighted with their stories about spinning dolphins frolicking in the bay and the beauty of the coral reefs here. 
We will delay our departure to swim with the high spirited dolphins and a last snorkel.  


The true story about Cook’s death

History tell is that Cook’s arrival was mistaken by a legend of a Hawaiian god to arrive in a boat with white sails. 

He and his crew were treated and feed as divine beings.  He overstayed his presence as the village run out of food.  He was asked to leave to which he obliged. 

One of his ships lost a mast during a hurricane and they were forced to return to safe harbour.  This lead to a conflict with the natives, who after stealing their rowboat, got hold of firearms, which was the mean for Cook’s death. 


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