Maskelyne Islands

Lars Alfredson
Wed 18 Sep 2013 20:10
Pos 16:32.1S 167:46.2E
Awei Island
Saturday 14/9
Our plan was to sail to Ambryn to climb the vulcano but we realised that it was not so good to arrive on a Sunday as nobody works on Sundays.
We changed our plan and headed for the Maskalyne Islands on the south end of Malekula.
We had a nice sail west from Lamen bay on Epi. we stopped for lunch and a snorkel close to the reef near Khuneveo Island.
m_DSC_0077 (2) 
                                   Look, no hands.
After lunch we decided to look for a more sheltered anchoridge for the night and ended up in a shelterd place on the west side of Awei Island.
There was lots of Mangroves there but also a couple of small beaches.
The bay was filled with dug out canoes out fishing and unusually it was women in all the canoes.
After a while our Australian Mark started the Saturday night entertainment with a show of Coo-eee screaming and leg wiggling.
The kids on the beach fell over laughing.
m_DSC_0122 (2)    m_DSC_0107 (2)
                            Mark leads the entertainment.                                                                               The kids are following.
All followed by a lovely dinner from our French chefs with Tif as head cook.
Lars and crew.