Crossing the equator

Lars Alfredson
Fri 1 May 2020 13:19
POS 00:0.00S   73:28.084E
May 1st 2020 Local 10:26 (UTC +5)



This morning at 10 pm when I was on the roof of the Pilothouse reading, King Neptune came out on deck himself. He proclaimed that I was in his kingdom and was on the border of sailing through one of his most important gates. However, I could only be allowed to do this if I was baptized. Humbly at the meeting with the great king I let the baptism take place and at 10:26 we crossed the equator. After that, I took a volunteer trip to the tub at 2000 m depth.
We celebrated jobs and baptism with horrible grape juice on festive champagne-like bottle. I'm sorry.
Kh, Malene the Mermaid