Leaving Easter Island

Lars Alfredson
Sat 20 Oct 2012 15:15
Pos 26:56.36S 111:10.55W
Saturday 20 Oct

We left Easter Island on Friday in rain and wind on the nose.
A few miles out Mike put in the fishing line. After a few minutes the reel started screeming and we had dinner secured. A nice Bonito of approx 3 kilos.

The rain went away and the sun came out. Gradually the wind calmed and after a few tacks we could set a course straght for Pitcairn, nearly 900 NM away.

We had a magical afternoon sitting on deck with the bluest water I have ever seen around us.
Grete and Fred made a fantastic dinner and we watched the sun go down.

Sadly the wind died more and more during the night.
Now we are sailing goosewinged at 2 knots.