Plans for the 2018 season

Lars Alfredson
Tue 12 Dec 2017 20:54

Winter has come to Sweden and tomorrow it is "Lucia"

        för lucia

Outside it is winter with snow and subzero temperatures.

A good time to plan for next years sailing in the warm Pacific waters.

        för usa flag

Dawnbreaker is resting peacefully in Redwood city in sunny California.

I will return to the boat in mid March and hope to be ready for sailing mid April.

The first leg will take us south to the Los Angeles / San Diego area and on to Ensenada Mexico. This leg is about 500 NM.

                                                                        Mexikos flagga

In the beginning of May hopefully we will set off on the long leg to Hawaii:                                                                                                      

 Bildresultat för hawaii flag        I expect this leg will take up to two weeks as it is approx 2200 NM.

I think I have a full crew already for this leg.

After a couple of weeks exploring the Hawaiian Islands we will head out into the unknown.

The first stop will be Tabuaeran Island and on to Christmas Island. These belong to the Line Islands  (1000NM south of Hawaii)

        för kiribati flag                The Line Islands is a part of Kiribati.

During the following months i want to visit  as many as possible of the hundreds of island  in the states of:

        för tuvalu flag           Tuvalu

        för nauru flag          Nauru

        för marshall islands flag         Marshall Islands

        för micronesia flagMicronesia

In the end of the year and another 4000 NM we should be in Palau:         Bildresultat för palau flag

When we get there it is time to decide plan the continuing  trip to Indonesia and onwards.

2018 will be an exiting year crossing the Pacific with lots of visits to remote islands.

I look forward to your bookings for this adventure.

For now I wish you all:

Bildresultat för merry christmas images with palm trees