News from Japan

Lars Alfredson
Fri 31 Aug 2018 04:35
From our friend Yoshi from Japan. We love getting news from him.


2018シーズンは 本当にはらはらどきどき 読者にとってはすごいすごい 楽しい冒険、夢のようなシーパラダイスの物語 波乱万丈の海人(uminchu)人生を見せてくれるので 小説よりも ドキドキします

The 2018 season really makes me,so I’m thrilled. It's amazing for the readers.This is a fun adventure, a story of Sea Paradise like a dream.And of awful, seaman(uminchu)will show life,
My heart beats faster than the novel so great ,every diary are beyond my life and beyond my imaging at all

i know,D/B's adventure cruising is so great and hard over the this planet big oceans all , but it looks D/B go sailing ,as if this planet big oceans are just a lake or a pond 
HUUUUH!over the GReat!!!!

its start long leg to hawaii but then after a more long long adventure sailing atoll to atoll to atoll.........coral sea to coral sea 

atoll and coral sea scare me ,always keeps me in suspense,

because 40yers ago i've read a novel of golden coast chasing swansailboat among the complexed shallow coral sea ,
that was so scare ...haraharadokidoki! ...almost novel sailing traum,

that was only a novels scare, but D/B diary is all facts ,actual,reality, so i can feel and can underatand the great D/B. yes.every diary is far beyond my imagine ,Great! its very learning of meeting many island cultures