Gourmet cooking in the roaring 40's

Lars Alfredson
Thu 20 Oct 2011 21:42
Gourmet cooking under heavy sailing ... The need for customer tolerance

It takes some serious adjustment and leeway to esthetics. It will look lie baby-food but taste better. But cooking onboard Dawnbreaker over the next weeks will have to be simple and straight forward. Basic equipment: large casserole, lid, kettle, ladle, bowls and spoons.

Precooking and freezing will be in top order at all anchorages to build stock for the sailing back from the Falklands to Ushuaia. So a beauf bourginone or a shepherds pie will be just a big lump of food .... Hahaha ... The wine will help the visual impact, but life in the kitchen will be simpler ... We have agreed to five basic dishes ...

1. Noodles bolognese
2. Stew
3. Curry Chicken rice
4. Chili con carne
5. Cassoulet

Weather and waves permitting ingredients might be rearranged for a formal sitting dinning, including plates and cutlery .... Kkkkk

Already in freezer ...

30 packs of minced meat extra lean
20 packs of Choricos and sausages
20 packs of Beef for stew
20 packs of chicken breast or thigh

Lamb of course will be loaded at Falklands and seafood along the Patagonian coast.

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