Lars Alfredson
Sat 2 Mar 2019 11:58
POS 07:20.300N 134:27.200E
We have no arrived at Palau, Thursday morning at dawnbreak.
The trip from Yap was an upwind leg, we motored the last 24h, no wind.
During happy hour last night at sea, the fishing rod was bending and the familiar sound from the line feeding out, A fish catch.
Turned out to be a Yellow Fin Tuna, jippi !! Jonas and Naty made a “sushi the yachtstyle” . Very fresh and nice taste.
Thats the only worth writing for this leg.
At Palau we docked at the comercial harbour to do all paper work.
Five differente officials, all were paid. All in all fee´s were  $1500 !!
Then 10 min motoring to Royal Belau Yach Club, no ideá why the “royal” prefix.
Maybe the owner,Sam, has some kind of royalty status here ? He has been running his business for 30 years, Sam´s Tours.
It´s alla about diving here. Diving boats leaving 09,00 for different locations, then back for a new afternoon tour.
Not much happend our first day here.
Ivan lost his breakfast egg, pealed and ready to eat, we all went for egg searching. No egg to be found.
Not until Ivan almost finished his coffee, there it was ,the egg in  coffee cup, hahahhaha
What more ? Ah yes, Urban forgot that marina staff just painted the dock and had his feet stuck in the epoxi, also a hahahah
He had to clean his feet with bensin and a knife ! Evening and dinner at Kramers, not far from the boat.
Yesterday was shopping day. Beer,gin,tonic and some stuff to eat.
Also, new swiming fins were bought. We lost some during the sailing, Lars will not get a job as a cargo master in the future.
We spent the evening at local market. Traditional dances by the local community schools, street food and god fun.
Back to the club at 22.00, some interneting before heading out in the darkness to Dawnbreaker.
Left the anchor mooring in the morning. Now we are some 10 Nm south of the Yacht Club.
Rock Islands, kind of a archipelago. Hundred´s of small vulcanic islands, all very green with trees climbing.
Now anchored in small bay, Paradise birds with long tails flying along.
Will do some snorkeling later today. Very hot and humid. Store of water and beer is rapidly getting lower.
Poor Knights (haha) and bacon for lunch.