Cruise Ships and Repairs

Lars Alfredson
Wed 23 Nov 2011 20:49

22112011 Tour Ships and Repairs


We had been advised that first of three tour ship was to arrive this morning and we would have to leave the pontoon by 6ish to facilitate their boats dropping their passengers ashore.


I’m up at 0545 but there’s no sign of the ship and its not until 0800 we have a knock on the deck to advise us that the ship was on its way in and we should move by 0830.

All suitably roused we move the 100metres down the bay and moor alongside the two local tour ships.


Stanley 2 006     Stanley 2 066


As the weather is fine, we set to work repairing the Mainsail cover and replacing the Dorado air vent that had been ripped off during our passage as well

as tidying up other minor damage. Its 5C with a wind chill making it feel like a finger freezing -5C.


Stanley 081


Thomas gets creative making giant Canalloni of crepes and minced beef etc and for desert a chocolate sponge cake with a little rum to keep out the cold!

He retires to watch a movie while Lars and I go walkabout. Peter has managed to wrestle the ships bike out of the locker and is heading some 8km down the coast to

visit a disused lighthouse picking up the key from the Museum on the way.


Copy of Stanley 2 021     Falklands Peter 008

                             Cake                                                                             Pembroke Lighthouse


Falklands Peter 011      Falklands Peter 007 


On our way we come across many strange sights …….


Copy of Stanley 2 035     Stanley 2 034

                         Our first sheep has pink hair                                                           Patriot


Stanley 2 052    Stanley 2 057

                                 Peat is still used                                                                  Wide Wheels


With inexplicable timing we all meet by the Visitor Centre and start enquiring about Jeep tours. Having been quoted £120 per head for a trip we look for an alternative

and come across Keith and his Landrover who will do a trip for £10 per hour per head. He is booked for 1000 tomorrow.


Off to the Victory Pub and food. Here we meet up with Tim, John and Linda, the crew of a British yacht “Mina II” that we had spoken to earlier

in the day and they join us for drinks. We loose track of time and as they leave us we find the Pub has stopped serving food so we decide to try a café we had been recommended.


Stanley 2 063     Stanley 2 062


Their jumbo hamburgers lived up to their name and suitably stuffed we return to “Dawnbreaker” having to battle our way across the two ships we are moored against.

This proves to be a somewhat dubious exercise as the wind has got up the faculties aren’t sharp as they might have been.


All safely aboard, generator on, as the batteries are low, and crank up the central heating.


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